Internet Crazes! 网络新鲜事-1

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A photo fad is a type of picture that becomes popular quickly. The person in the photo makes a special pose. Then the photo is shared on the Internet. These funny pictures inspire others to copy the style. The most famous pose is the V sign made with two fingers.




These days, there are crazy new poses all the time. "Owling" (猫头鹰蹲) is sitting in a way that makes you look like a bird. "Planking" (仆街) is lying like a wooden board. These pictures are fun to make and funny to look at. With a camera and some creativity, you can start a whole new photo fad yourself.





Word Power

style [staɪl] n. 风格

Shakespeare's style of writing might be difficult to understand.



finger [ˋfɪŋgɚ] n. 手指

The cook is careful not to cut his fingers with the knife.



board [bord] n. 木板;板

The old house's wooden boards made a sound with each footstep.



whole [hol] adv. 完全地

Going to another country is like going to a whole new world.



More Information

fad [fæd] n. 一时的风尚

pose [poz] n. 姿势

wooden [ˋwʊdn] adj. 木制的;木的

creativity [͵krieˋtɪvətɪ] n. 创意