What Is That Sound? 夜半扰人声-1

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We've all heard this sound in the middle of the night: Snoring. But why do people make that noise? It's because certain muscles relax at night. This causes air to not move well and produce the sound. Snoring is not a sickness, but it can lead to low energy and tiredness. So how can people stop snoring? They can clear their noses and keep their bedrooms humid. Also, they should avoid heavy meals, coffee, or tea before bed. Finally, they should sleep on their sides, rather than on their backs.





Word Power

sound [saʊnd] n. 声音

The sound of the ocean waves makes me feel calm.



produce [prəˋdjus] v. 产生; 制造


Eating food helps people produce energy.



humid [ˋhjumɪd] adj. 潮湿的

Taiwan has hot and humid summers since it often rains.



avoid [əˋvɔɪd] v. 避免

It's important to stop at red lights to avoid accidents.



More Information

snoring [snorɪŋ]  n. 鼾声

relax [rɪˋlæks] v. 放松

sickness [ˋsɪknɪs] n. 疾病

tiredness [ˋtaɪrdnɪs] n. 疲劳;倦怠




rather than 的句型

A + rather than + B               "(是)A.... 而不是B...."

To stay up late tonight, James needs coffee rather than rest.



A + rather than + B + beV /V        "(是)A.... 而不是B...."

Black rather than pink is Polly's favorite color.



Rather than + V-ing, S + V ....        "(是)A.... 而不是B...."  

Rather than eating out, Lisa likes to cook by herself.