A Lucky New Year 新年好运到!-1

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Millions of people around the world can't wait to ring in a new year! Yet, the New Year can mean different things to people. Some just see it as an ordinary day, but others use it to mark new beginnings. It's also a time to shake off bad luck from the past year. So, people welcome the New Year with some traditions and superstitions. These might help you with love, wealth, and luck. No matter how you celebrate, the New Year is a great chance for a fresh start.





Word Power

million [ˋmɪljən] n. 百万,无数

There are millions of fish in the sea.



ordinary [ˋɔrdn͵ɛrɪ] adj. 普通的

Evan wanted to have an ordinary day, even though it was his birthday.



welcome [ˋwɛlkəm] v. 欢迎


The locals of Hawaii welcomed us with flowers and songs.



wealth [wɛlθ] n. 财富

The richman bought a fancy car to show off his wealth.




More Information

superstition [͵supɚˋstɪʃən] n. 迷信

ring in 迎接

shake off  摆脱; 甩掉



no matter 的句型


No matter + wh-疑问词+ S1+ V1, S2 + V2....   无论; 不管

= S2 + V2..... no matter + wh-疑问词+ S1 + V1+


No matter where my grandfather goes, he wears a suit.

= My grandfather wears a suit no matter where he goes.




No matter when I meet Katherine, she always has a smile.

= Katherine always has a smile no matter when I meet her.