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The Strawberry Milkshake Lake 上帝浪漫杰作-玫瑰湖






Lake Retba in Senegal, West Africa, is a queer sight. In French, the official language, it’s called Lac Rose, or Pink Lake, and the name says it all. The waters of Lake Retba are bright pink, especially in the dry season. This causes the lake to resemble a huge strawberry milkshake. The effect is caused by tiny, seaweed-like plants. They live on the sun’s energy, and produce a red chemical. These plants love salty conditions, so Lake Retba, which is around 40 percent salt, makes a perfect home.




The salt in the lake also supports a local industry. Mounds of salt are piled up on its shores, and locals collect and process it for sale. Because of the salt, they must apply special skin protection to enter the lake. In addition, like the Dead Sea, the salt concentration means people can float on it easily. As might be expected, Lake Retba is a tourist attraction, especially for photographers. With its unusual natural beauty, there’s nowhere in the world quite like it.




by Pat Woods



queer [kwɪr] adj. 奇怪的,古怪的

Stinky tofu can seem queer to foreigners who have never tried such a food.


resemble [rɪˋzɛmb!] v. 像,类似


Christine resembles her mom because they both have white skin and big eyes.


percent [pɚˋsɛnt] n. 百分之一

More than 70 percent of Earth's surface is covered by water.


process [ˋprɑsɛs] v. 加工; 处理

Food companies process milk to make cheese, butter, and yogurt.


protection [prəˋtɛkʃən] n. 保护

You need protection against the sun if you go to the beach.


photographer [fəˋtɑgrəfɚ] n. 摄影师

We hired a photographer to take pictures at the wedding.



More Information

waters [ˋwɔtɚz] n. 海域

milkshake [͵mɪlkˋʃek] n. 奶昔;泡沫牛奶

seaweed [ˋsi͵wid] n. 海草,海藻

mound [maʊnd] n.(一)堆

in addition 此外

nowhere [ˋno͵hwɛr] n. 任何地方都不



Senegal : Le lac Rose



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